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  • Do you take Insurance?
    Yes! For Psychological testing and Counseling we accept the following insurances: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, HealthChoice, Cigna, UHC/UMR, WebTPA, and Soonercare. *Not every provider accepts all insurances, so check with staff to ensure the provider takes your insurance. When scheduling an appointment, we will verify that we accept your insurance. Before your appointment, we will attempt to verify your insurance coverage and obtain authorization from your insurance carrier. A quote of eligibility is not a guarantee of payment and the patient is responsible for any deductible, coinsurance, and/or out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your insurance. These expenses are due at the time services are rendered. To learn more about deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, and copays/coinsurance, you can visit
  • How much does Psychological testing cost?
    Pricing varies depending on your insurance and your plan specific information. Out-of-pocket (private pay) costs can be up to $2,200. This balance is split between you and your insurance provider depending on your plan, so you will be responsible for any deductible, out-of-pocket, coinsurance, or copays that insurance does not cover. For more information on your specific plan, we recommend contacting your insurance company directly and asking for benefits for Psychological Testing. When you schedule an appointment, we will verify your benefits and inform you of your expected balance.
  • Can I get a discount for services?
    We have a Sliding Scale application for Psychological Testing and Counseling in which we will try to offer a discount based off the national poverty line. For more information on filling out this application, please mention the sliding scale when you call to schedule if you believe you will qualify.
  • When will I get my Psychological testing report?
    The day you complete your testing, we will schedule you for a feedback appointment where you will verbally receive your results of your testing from your doctor. Your written report will be between 12-20 pages and will take up to 15 business days after feedback to complete. If you need your report sent to another medical or mental health provider, please request a Release of Information so we can send out your report when it is complete.
  • How long does Psychological testing take?
    Our testing process takes between 2-4 hours but can take more or less time depending on the issues needing to be addressed. We recommend bringing a snack and drink to keep you or your family member energized and able to focus for the entirety of testing.
  • Can I pay privately if you don't accept my insurance?
    Of course! Our private pay counseling rates vary between providers so you can ask for specifics on pricing when you schedule. For psychological testing, our private pay rate can be up to $1,815 which is due on the day of testing. We do not offer payment plans.
  • Can I set up a payment plan for my Psychological testing expenses?
    Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans for our services. Full payment for your quoted balance is due upon check in for your appointment. If payment is not received, we will reschedule your appointment.
  • What paperwork do I need to fill out for my appointment?
    Once you are scheduled, our staff will email you the necessary paperwork for your designated services through our patient portal. You have 24 hours to open the link that is sent to you for the patient portal and then you can complete the paperwork at any time before your appointment. If you are unable to complete the paperwork digitally, please print and complete the forms on the Contact & Forms page and bring them to your appointment.


Online scheduling for psychological testing is now available for clients who have already completed their intake paperwork. 

Online scheduling can be done with an email link, your client portal app, or on this website!

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