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We offer the following types of services


We provide counseling services to athletes and performers who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, or other psychological problems due to sport, injury, loss, or other life stressors. 


We provide mental skills training to help athletes and performers learn, improve, and maintain the mental skills necessary for successful performances.


We provide leadership development training to help athletes/performers and teams learn and improve leadership skills, team cohesion, and character building which is necessary for successful teams and organizations.

Types of Services

Swim Coach

individual services

Meet one-on-one with a sport psychologist or counselor. Individual sessions can be from 30-60 minutes and are generally the quickest way to learn new skills and see growth.


Our sport psychologists and counselors can come to your team to provide services. This format is a great way to reach the most people in the most time efficient manner. Services typically include interactive learning. Team sessions can be 15-60 minutes and cover whatever topics are needed.


Our sport psychologists and counselors organize and facilitate team workshops. Workshops are generally 2-4 hours and can cover teambuilding, group cohesion, leadership development, mental skills training, and mental health training. These are highly interactive sessions and can be facilitated whenever is needed. Workshops are great for kicking off the season.

Volleyball Team




Our providers can come to your team to facilitate PPEs. These are questionnaires that are specifically developed for athletes that screen for anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, drug/alcohol use, disordered eating, ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, gambling, and psychosis.

These take between 5-15 minutes to administer. The results can help identify those who may need mental health treatment services and can help determine readiness to play. 



Our providers can come to your team to administer mental performance and/or leadership assessments. Administration time takes between 10-30 minutes and results are helpful in recruitment (e.g., draft selection), creating team cohesion, and assessing overall mental skills abilities. 

The mental skills assessment evaluates strengths and weaknesses in:

  • coping with adversity

  • coachability

  • concentration

  • confidence

  • achievement motivation

  • goal setting and mental preparation

  • peaking under pressure

  • freedom from worry. 

The leadership assessment evaluates several areas under self-awareness and control, emotional functioning, interpersonal style, and decision making.


Our providers can come to your team to administer academic screenings to help determine who may be appropriate to receive additional academic support. This is specifically helpful for high school and collegiate student-athletes who may have difficulties managing grades or learning.

Administration can be done in a group format and takes about 45 minutes.

Once the assessments are scored, feedback is given to help those identified in the at-risk categories and appropriate academic accommodations are recommended (e.g., accommodations through Accessibility Disability Resource Center, IEP, 504 Plan, etc.).

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