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Psychological testing is for children, adolescents, and adults. It involves a complex process of evaluating an individual in order to gain an understanding of how they uniquely function. Using interviews and a battery of tests, information is obtained and integrated to produce a comprehensive report.

The psychological testing will determine whether a person has any specific diagnosis related to learning, mood disorders, personality, or relationship problems. Based on the results of the testing, a diagnosis can be made and recommendations can determine a treatment plan, assist in medication planning, and identify the best academic accommodations and placement.


Testing helps determine if someone is on the Autism Spectrum or has a Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder. The results can help with establishing appropriate accommodations.


Testing can help determine if a child, adolescent or adult has a learning disability and can help establish appropriate special academic accommodations


Testing helps children and adults determine if their problems with inattention are due to Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder or another cause, which helps direct proper treatment

other mental health

Testing is also frequently used to determine mood disorders (bipolar, trauma disorders, depression, anxiety), personality disorders, behavioral disorders, or bariatric evaluations

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