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DeJon Purnell, also known as DJ, received his doctoral training from Indiana University’s Counseling and Educational Psychology program. Prior to finishing his training, DJ completed his APA Internship at the University of Southern California as the first full-time sport psychology intern at USC.


DJ has worked with clients on a range of presenting concerns such as severe anxiousness, major depressive episodes, relationship issues, struggles with personal identity, unresolved childhood trauma, and issues related to manhood and masculinity.


Further, DJ specializes in sport and performance psychology, where he helps athletes and performers from all levels deal with the mental challenges of their performance domain and personal life. Challenges DJ has helped performers with have included dealing with performance anxiety, developing mental strength after injuries, career transition, overcoming plateaus in performance, building confidence and more.


DJ’s approach centers on helping clients come to a solid understanding of what they struggle with (i.e., pinpointing the source of their pain) and then developing tailored strategies to overcome their struggle. He has a very personable style of communication and encourages authenticity, but he is known to ask the tough questions to get clients to consider things they may have never considered before.


DJ's style makes for a challenging but often rewarding experience, as many clients leave sessions with deeper insight into their behavioral patterns and an actionable plan for how they can overcome their struggle and ultimately pursue life with more energy than before.

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